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Business Lawyer in Denver

Denver County business lawyers ready to assist your business interests

At Wiegand Attorneys & Counselors, LLC, we bring a wealth of real-world perspective as principals of businesses. Our business lawyer in Denver understands key decision-makers’ perspectives and issues because we have held the same roles. We are licensed tax attorneys committed to helping you sail smoothly.    

We can help further your business interests, whether you are starting a business, running a business, selling an interest, acquiring another firm, going public, or looking at succession planning for your company.  Allow our Denver business lawyer to assist you in the planning and operation of your Colorado business. We can help draft business plans and contracts as well as prepare and file all the necessary tax paperwork for your business! 

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Why Do I Need a Denver Business Lawyer in colorado?

Anyone who has owned a Denver business knows that there are many moving parts that need a great deal of attention. You have employees to take care of, a workplace to maintain and equipment to maintain. On top of that, you have to ensure that you take care of administrative matters — such as payroll taxes. Put in the simplest terms: You have a lot going on. 

The good news is that you do not have to manage everything all on your own. A good business owner will hire a staff to support all the day-to-day running of the establishment. Smart Colorado business owners will additionally hire the support of local Denver business law firm when they are considering making a significant business decision.

What Does a Denver Business Lawyer Do? 

You have likely spent a significant amount of time and money starting your business. Why not take the steps to protect it? Preventing a problem before it happens will save you more time and money in the long term. Are you a Colorado business owner? If so, consider hiring a knowledgeable Denver business law attorney. 

An Attorney Can Help You Protect Your Business in the Following Ways:

  • Lawsuits. A business can get sued for many reasons. Whether it is a disgruntled former employee suing for unlawful termination, a personal injury or premises liability claim (if someone was hurt on your property, for example) or tax fraud accusations, you will benefit most from having an experienced Denver business lawyer by your side. Remember, litigation lawyers are not necessarily business lawyers. There are times when you need both. Better yet, with a knowledgeable business lawyer at your side, you may never need a litigation lawyer.
  • Operational Planning. Denver business law attorneys can assist with the establishment and continuation of effective day-to-day business practices, long-term plans and general organizational structure. Our business lawyers are also available to advise and assist with the everyday aspects of your business. This may include the set-up of regular meetings and time management.
  • Choice of Jurisdiction. Differing state or national laws may favor the selection of one jurisdiction over another. This depends on the nature and ownership of the business and location of business operations. For example, a Colorado-based company may find advantages in setting up its corporate entity for tax purposes in another state. For this reason, it is advisable to hire a business law firm in Denver who can assist you with the selection of jurisdiction for your business formation. In other words, he or she can help you determine the best place to set up your business.

Thinking about starting a business and creating a business plan? Or are you thinking about leaving your business and want to create a succession plan? Maybe you just need help with filing your quarterly or annual taxes? Whatever the reason, the business lawyers at our Colorado law firm have over 40 years of experience helping businesses with their legal and tax problems big and small. 

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What Are Common Branches of Business Law?

The world of business law is wide and covers many aspects of running a business, such as business succession planning, business tax planning, and contractual law. It can be overwhelming to think about these issues on top of the day-to-day operations that you have to manage. However, you can take many preventative measures in one simple trip to our Colorado legal office. And, for any extensive legal issues that may come up in your business, our Denver business law attorneys are at your service.

Business Succession Planning in Colorado

While it is a relatively simple affair when an employee leaves a company, it can become rather complicated when an owner or partner leaves. However, a clear-cut succession plan can make it simple. It is more cost effective to plan in advance for the possibility of an owner being added or removed. Think about it. If you cannot agree on the terms of a separation when you start the relationship, how easy will it be when a separation is imminent? 

Our Denver business lawyers  can assist in creating an appropriate exit strategy for principal members of a business. We can also help you to draft a retirement strategy that will effectively pass on the operations to a successor. Any failure to do so could result in the business falling into the wrong hands, especially if more than one person shares ownership of the company.


This branch of business law has to do with the creation of a clear plan of operations, contract labor, employment requirements and other relevant matters that could affect the business’ after-tax income. As licensed tax attorneys in Colorado, we stay up to date with changing tax laws that can affect your business, applicable deductions and how much you have to pay in taxes. We take it a step further by also being available to prepare and file business tax returns on our client’s behalf.


It is a contract which propels a business decision forward. Whether that contract is to hire a new employee, retain a contractor or entering into a business deal with another business, a Colorado business owner needs to ensure that his or her company is protected by having a clear and concise contract. An experienced business lawyer in Denver can help you draft solid business contracts that leave little room for differing interpretations and protect your business dealings.

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Whether you are a start-up, privately held or public company, or family business, our experienced Denver business law attorneys are dedicated to helping clients move forward with confidence. Any of them have the ability to protect your business interests now as well as in the future. Our business law firm in Colorado is capable of tax filing on behalf of many of our clients and has experience with helping individuals, trusts and corporate entities with all of their business needs.  We can help draft business plans and contracts as well as prepare and file all the necessary tax paperwork for your business!

We have business attorneys in Denver and Breckenridge who can help with all of the above areas and more. Make sure to check out our reviews and see what everyone is saying.

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