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Although we invite your general, hypothetical inquiries, do NOT disclose specific, personal details with such inquiries. Unless and until we have had a direct communication with you, and we have advised you that we are able to assist you in a particular matter and that we have no conflict of interest, you should make no disclosure of any information that you wish to be kept confidential. Prior to such direct communication as to our willingness and availability, we shall be free to assume that any information included in an inquiry is of a nature that we are free to disclose without regard to any consideration of confidentiality and that such an inquiry can in no way limit our ability to represent any person in the same or similar incident. By sending an inquiry, you are acknowledging that you understand and agree that we shall have no duty to keep confidential any of the information you transmit to us.

Although we shall make every effort to respond to inquiries in a reasonable time, messages can be lost and the demands of current clients may delay responses. Unless and until a Fee Agreement is settled between the potential client and this firm, there is no attorney-client relationship, and we assume no responsibility for the timeliness and correctness of any response. In particular, “off-the-cuff” responses to general questions in advance of the commencement of an attorney-client relationship as evidenced by the agreement on a fee arrangement are given without research into either the facts or law of the specific matter; and it is not expected that the potential client will be relying on the response unless and until the potential client and this firm reach an agreement on the fees to be charged and the actual services to be performed. In short, such “off the cuff” responses are not given as legal advice and cannot be relied upon as legal advice.