Is Your Identity Secure Against Thieves?

Is Your Identity Secure Against Thieves?

It seems like not too long ago we never had to worry about the security of our identities. The concept of our very names being taken and misused for someone else’s gain was unimaginable, but now we live in the information age. The importance of having your good name in today’s digital world now has many experts asking if your identity is secure. If you aren’t sure, here are some things you can do to keep thieves from taking your personal data.

How to Secure Your Identity from Thieves

  • Don’t Give Out Personal Data Over the Phone – The top way thieves steal your information is simply by asking you for it. To that end, scammers will call you posing as IRS agents, police, and other authority figures you may trust, but don’t be fooled. Government agencies and reputable businesses rarely ask sensitive personal data over the phone. If the person on the other line threatens you with lawsuits or jail time for not revealing that info, you should hang up immediately. Officials from the government cannot threaten arrest or legal action over the phone.
  • Beware Email Requests for Data – Scammers have stooped to creating fake emails to mimic trusted businesses and government offices. These fakes can be convincing, but they usually have a few tells that will give them away. Look out for misspelled words as well as small deviations in logos used in the email. You should also examine the email address that sent the message. If the address doesn’t match that of the business it claims to be, or has slight misspellings like “” instead of “” then you should not respond to the information request.
  • Look Out for Phishing Scams – If a company needs you to change something on your account, then you should be able to go to that company’s website and log into your account to make the changes. Do not use links from emails to log into your account. Those links could take you to fake pages that are built simply to trick you into giving thieves your information. Do not trust links in emails.

Remember these scams and your information will be even more secure, and that means your assets will be too. For more info on protecting your identity and your finances, stick with the financial legal counsel at Wiegand Attorneys & Counselors LLC. We’re here to provide Coloradoans with cost-effective solutions to their legal, financial, and business needs.

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