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wiegand attorneys estate planning around your nest egg

Estate Planning Around Your Nest Egg

When you think of “estate planning,” you probably imagine writing a will and giving instructions about who gets the house, the car and grandma’s jewelry. But, an important asset for many people is their IRA and employer retirement plan. Retirement plans are generally passed to beneficiaries directly, and are not disposed of in a will….

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  • wiegand attorneys is it time for an estate plan checkup

    Is it Time for an Estate Plan Checkup?

    Life does not stand still, and after you have crafted an initial estate plan, your circumstances are likely to change. You may acquire more assets, the executor you originally selected may pass away, or you may have a new baby. Your children will grow up, or you and your spouse may slit up. And the…

  • Estate planning with an attorney

    Estate Planning Lets You Call the Shots

    One of the best things you can do for your family is to plan your estate—now.  You can work with your lawyer to create a will or trust that assures your family will be provided for if something happens to you.  This article will give you some ideas on how you can be sure that…

  • Denver tax attorney at a desk

    Do I Need Tax Services in Denver?

    Our Denver Tax Attorney Explains When to Consider Getting Assistance Tax issues can lead to serious financial and legal problems. Whether you are operating a business or paying your personal taxes, there are scenarios where you should consider working with a professional. An attorney could help you resolve tax issues if you are a person…

  • wiegand attorneys living trust 101

    Living Trust 101

    Living trusts are becoming more and more popular—an AARP study says that almost a quarter of Americans aged 50 and over have one, almost double the percentage of 10 years ago.  Nonetheless, there is still a lot of misinformation and confusion about them.  Your lawyer is your best source of information on whether a living…

  • Creating a living trust document in Colorado

    How to Create a Living Trust in Colorado

    Our Colorado Estate Planning Attorney Explains the Basics of Living Trusts Estate planning can make life easier for your loved ones if you should pass away or suffer a debilitating illness. With certain estate planning options, you can choose how you would like your assets and properties to pass to your loved ones after your…

  • Photo of a Denver Estate Planning Attorney

    5 Ways To Plan Your Financial and Legal Affairs as You Age

    Our Estate Planning Lawyers Explain Some Helpful Tips Life can throw unexpected curveballs that cause legal and financial problems. For this reason, it is very important to ensure that your legal and financial affairs are in order, especially if you are elderly. Below, our estate planning lawyers explain some effective ways to plan your legal…

  • Denver tax attorney at a desk

    Preparing for Tax Season

    Denver Tax Attorney Discusses How to Prepare for Tax Season  Tax season is almost here. Despite one of the roughest years in recent memory, millions of individual taxpayers are getting ready to file their income taxes with the IRS. Preparing beforehand can make the tax filing process easier to complete.  Depending on your income and…

  • Estate planning with an attorney

    Colorado Probate FAQs

    Our Denver Estate Attorney Answers Common Questions Probate is a court-supervised procedure that determines how to distribute a decedent’s (deceased person) assets after death. Specifically, probate courts settle an estate after a person passes away. While probate plays an important role in distributing property and paying remaining debts or taxes after a person’s death, some…

  • wiegand attorneys protecting your assets now and in the future

    Are Your Finances Protected by a Will?

    Have you ever given thought to what happens after you pass? This question is often considered in the metaphysical sense, but there are also some very real effects your passing will have on the world you leave behind. Without a will, those effects can be catastrophic to your assets and your family. Here are some…