Expert Probate & Trust Guidance

Wiegand Attorneys & Counselors has over 40 years of experience in estate management and probate law, providing direct guidance in managing trusts, decedents’ estates, and other fiduciary responsibilities. Since fees are based on actual time spent and not on the percentage of assets, we’ll arrange these fees to accommodate almost any budget.

With offices in Denver and Breckenridge, we are trusted Colorado probate & trust attorneys. We are licensed in Colorado and Louisiana. We can help anyone who lives in either state or has a beneficiary or descendant navigate state probate law and trust law as it applies to them.

Our office capable in business law and estate planning to complement our probate law & trust services.

Probate & Trust Capabilities

We assist with these complicated issues by:

  • Guiding and directing the non-professional as the personal representative or executor, trustee, attorney-in-fact, or other fiduciary.
  • We can prepare the necessary documents to open a probate estate, deal with creditors, and settle the assets of the estate in whatever manner as may be called for in the Will, Trust, or other documents and, when it is time, close the estate.

Trust Management

The duties and responsibilities of a fiduciary include the following:

  • Investment decisions.
  • Keeping accurate financial records.
  • Understanding and applying fiduciary accounting rules and using discretion in applying these rules.
  • Preparing and filing appropriate tax returns, and making the appropriate tax elections.
  • Allocating discretionary distribution between or among multiple beneficiaries and dealing with disputes with beneficiaries who question the use of discretion.

We can assist in settling any issues between beneficiaries, between the fiduciary and the beneficiaries, or between other interested parties.

We can prepare and file, by paper or electronically, the necessary Income, Estate, Gift, or Generation-skipping Tax returns.

Professionalism: The Commitment of Our Firm

Professionalism is conduct reflecting the values embodied in the Colorado Attorney Oath of Admission, the Colorado Principles of Professionalism, and the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct. These values require attorneys always to act competently, civilly, and with integrity and to commit themselves to the public good and to furthering the interests of justice.

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