Comprehensive Financial Planning

A comprehensive financial plan involves borrowing structure (including home mortgage and credit card management), investment management, insurance management, and cash flow planning.

Financial Planning is a Wise Investment

We consider not only a wise investment program and the obvious income tax issue, but also the client’s overall financial goals. This may involve refinancing home mortgage loans, restructuring business assets, credit card planning, business succession planning, personal retirement planning, and all types of insurance planning.

Though we may recommend specific insurance, we do not sell insurance. Our financial planning attorneys may recommend a particular mortgage or loan structure, but we are not a mortgage broker. As such, rest assured that our first and foremost consideration is you.

Since our only fees are based on a specified amount or on a fixed hourly charge and we never charge fees based on a percentage, we avoid any conflict of interest. Contact us today for more information.

Professionalism: The Commitment of Our Firm

Professionalism is conduct reflecting the values embodied in the Colorado Attorney Oath of Admission, the Colorado Principles of Professionalism, and the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct. These values require attorneys always to act competently, civilly, and with integrity and to commit themselves to the public good and to furthering the interests of justice.

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