Whether you are a start-up, family business, privately held company, or public company, our legal, business and tax expertise are designed to help you move forward with confidence with an ability protect your interests now and in the future. We are unique in that our firm also handled tax filing on behalf of many of our clients, including individual, trusts, and corporate entities.

As Colorado business law and tax law experts, we have attorneys in Denver and Breckenridge. We can help in all of the following areas, and more.

Choice of Jurisdiction for Business Formation

We assist in the selection of the jurisdiction in which the entity should be formed. Differing state or national laws may favor the selection of one jurisdiction over another, depending on the nature and ownership of the business and the location of business operations. A Colorado-based company may find advantages to considering setting up its corporate entity for tax purposes in another state.

Operational Planning

Our executive background is a key differentiator from most business law practices. We assist with the establishment and continuation of effective day-to-day business practices, long-term plans, and general organizational structure. Our business lawyers are also available to advise and to assist with the everyday aspects of your business, such as the set-up of regular meetings and minute keeping.

Business Succession Planning – the Buy-Sell Agreement

Our firm can assist in the selection of an appropriate exit strategy for the principals. Every business owner, at some time, will want a retirement strategy to pass on the operations to a successor.

When more than one person shares ownership, exit strategies become even more important. One must think not only of ordinary retirement but of the possibility that the owners may have a falling-out along the way, requiring one to buy out the other. The time to plan for this is during the formation; waiting until there is a falling-out can be very expensive, not to mention disruptive to the business. Setting up a well-thought-out buy-sell agreement is crucial.

Business Tax Planning

Last, but by no means least, there are oftentimes potential tax implications as a result of the business set-up. Our business tax lawyers assist in the creation of operations, contract labor or employment relationships, and other matters that could affect the business’ after-tax income. As licensed tax attorneys we stay up to date with changing tax laws that can impact your business, applicable deductions, and how much you have to pay in taxes. We take it a step further by being available to file taxes on our client’s behalf.

Professionalism: The Commitment of Our Firm

Professionalism is conduct reflecting the values embodied in the Colorado Attorney Oath of Admission, the Colorado Principles of Professionalism, and the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct. These values require attorneys always to act competently, civilly, and with integrity and to commit themselves to the public good and to furthering the interests of justice.

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