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Do You Need to Have a Living Will?

wiegand attorneys starting your own business playing by the-rulesHaving a living will, or a legal document that states your desires surrounding end-of-life medical care, will be dependent on what you believe you will need in the far future should you become sick or injured. This differs from a last will and testament, which distributes your property after your death. Further, living wills are used when you become incapacitated physically or mentally, or unable to communicate nor handle your medical care on your own.

When creating a living will, you can choose a person whom you’d like to take responsibility for your medical care. A separate document, usually a power of attorney or duress power of attorney, can be filed to name this person and define their responsibilities regarding your care. The trusted party will be responsible for carrying out the orders listed on your living will, which can include withholding the use of pain medication or even the removal of life support.

Creating a living will could be beneficial for those individuals who worry about their medical care when they can no longer take care of themselves. The benefits could truthfully help a family going through a medical crisis in some situation. Those with terminal illnesses are usually hard pressed to create a living will and for those patients who do not make one in time, the heavy burden of decision making could be left to the spouse or children. These family members may not be aware of what your exact desires are, and indecision could lead to family feuds.

If you’re having trouble deciding on whether a living will is right for you, talk with your family first to decide what will be best for the family’s future. You may be able to come to a decision regarding who may take on the responsibility of power of attorney or other medical care matters. In addition, scheduling a consultation with an estate planning lawyer is also recommended. The experienced attorneys at Wiegand Attorneys and Counselors, LLC can help plan your living will and ensure it fits your needs. Contact us today.

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